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Choosing Your Fireplace Tools

A fireplace in a home can be a luxury in cold nights when family members can cozy up to the warmth of crackling fire in its hearth. These days, however, some families donít actually light up their fireplaces anymore. However, a fireplace still needs its set of fireplace tools, whether in use or not.

This is because a fireplace can also work as another decorative highlight of a house. To complete the beautiful look, the right tools needed should also be available whether as accents or actual use (building and keeping the fire).

The Tools

These days, the tool rack is an integral part of the set, the place to hang all the tools within reach. (In the olden days, fireplace tools are simply thrown into some nearby corners.)

The rack keeps everything in place – the small broom (for sweeping and cleaning), the scoop (for the ashes), the poker (for turning and shaking the embers) and the tongs (to pick up anything inside the hearth).


The choice of the right types and the right materials for these tools is important. They accentuate the beauty and the total look of the hearth. Of course, choosing them should not only be based on practicality alone. It is always best to aim for that correct tandem (looks, utility, costs) between your tools and your fireplace.

There are various materials to choose from (iron, bronze, brass, nickel, pewter, etc) and it pays to be prudent in your selection. Do they go with the design of the fireplace? Should they be rustic, formal, simple, or totally elegant?


Basically, the choice of your fireplace tools should point to the overall style you are looking for. If your place is formal, a set made of solid brass or bronze can go with it.

Image: Roaring Log Fire from Avon Forest Chimneys & Wood Burning Stove Installation Specialists in Dorset


For that rustic ambiance wrought iron materials for your tools would connect to the total look. If you are actually using the fireplace, wrought iron is very practical and looks good. For fireplace tools that you may not actually use, a set of plated materials (instead of the real item) is practically perfect for décor or accent only.

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